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Using our cat and dog food delivery service can save time and money. More importantly, you will know you’re buying nutritious, high-quality pet food containing only ingredients of direct dietary benefit.

Stronger bones and teeth

Strengthened immune system

Improved digestion

Better weight control

Cleaner teeth and fresher breath

Reduction of allergy symptoms

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Tysons Raw has invested heavily in formulating and preparing the ideal raw food diet for dogs and cats. Using quality-controlled ingredients that enhance your pet’s energy levels, muscle, joint and bone health, coat and immune system, for example.

All our premium quality raw dog food – and online cat food – is entirely made of natural ingredients, prepared with care and expertise.

That is why we are a DEFRA-registered dog and cat food supplier!

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Dog bite sleeve
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Why Choose Us

Overprocessing human food strips out key nutrients and can make your meal bland. It can also be bulked out by unnecessary and unwanted ingredients. The same applies to the best way to feed a dog or cat.

Relying on mass-produced wet and dry pet food doesn’t always deliver the well round nutrition your pet needs to maintain its health. You would be amazed at what is legal in the cat and dog food manufacturing industry!


Honest Ingredients


Human Grade Food


Choice of flavours


No bulking agents, sugars or additives.

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Frequently Asked Question

Do you know how to increase mobility in older dogs, and ensure your canine friend or working dog enjoys abundant energy and stamina?

The answer is not processed, mass-produced pet food with unnecessary ingredients! A raw pet food diet can keep your animal agile and active thanks to the rich variety of essential nutrients it contains.

Yes we are

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs has strict guidelines for its pet food accreditation, to give owners absolute peace of mind that they are buying food for animals sourced, processed and packaged within a safe and hygienic environment.

That means you are buying a nutrition-packed diet for dogs and cats, which includes raw ingredients that are traceable and controlled “from farm to bowl”.

All of our Meat is Farmed in Britain British Farms.

All of our Food is in Date for 12 Months from the batch Date.

All of our Chubs are individually Packaged with a detailed stickered label which states their best Before Date.

Our Food does not include Wheat, Grain or Gluten.

Stronger bones and teeth
Sugars or Additives
Strengthened immune system
Improved digestion

Expert Skills

When feeding dogs raw food, QUALITY and care are vital, something not always easy to achieve when you formulate your pet’s diet using raw meat and other ingredients you buy yourself.

That – OF COURSE – is something you can avoid by buying expertly formulated, nutritious and high-grade dog food from Tysons Raw.

Everything that leaves our commercial kitchens is prepared and packaged in highly sterile conditions. All ingredients are sourced and tested to be nutrient-rich and fresh food that’s good for dogs.

Vet’s advice on dogs having food made from natural, raw ingredients

“I have been treating dogs and cats as a veterinarian for over 35 years. I am convinced that those animals fed a raw diet are generally healthier. Clean teeth, fresh breath, shiny coat, small stools, and animals that enjoy their food. I have also seen many animals with chronic health issues whose condition improves dramatically once they are fed a balanced raw diet. I highly recommend feeding your dog or cat a more natural raw food diet.”
Allan Rapley BVSc MRCVS.


Omg my 4 month old puppy and other dogs absolutely love this easy to store defrost quick no fuss no mess straight in the bowl recommend highly A1 will be getting on a regular basis for sure

Chicken Mince Complete

Crunch crunch gone!! My dog loved these!! Looked a bit gruesome in her bowl but didn't put her off!! Great for the price and same day delivery!!

Sara Turner
Chicken Feet 2KG

The Lamb selections are my dog’s favourites!

Lamb Mince

I can’t recommend this product enough!

Anton Peters
Best Beef Mince

My dog loves this! The packaging is so beneficial!

Emma Davids
Best Beef Mince