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TYSONS RAW Dog and Cat Food provides various important key benefits that will improve and care for your Pet’s life. Our aim is to look after your Cats and Dogs, just as we do our own. Our Brand is driven by passion and our everlasting love for animals, and we believe a Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet.

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Did you know…. Our Food is Defra Registered!

Being Defra Registered means…

Our food is registered under Defra, that means that our Food is governed by strict Government Guidelines which gives you, our Customer, absolute peace of mind, knowing that your Dog’s feed has been sourced, processed and packaged within a safe and hygienic environment.

Microbiological testing (for salmonella and enterobactereace) is carried out on a monthly basis by Microsearch Labotories to ensure and maintain the quality and safety of our products. Analysis results are readily available and can be supplied on request.

All in all, being Defra Registered means that all of our Pet Food is fully traceable from farm to bowl.

DEFRA Approval Number- 49/529/8118/ABP/PTF

Veterinary Statement and Testimony

“I have been treating Dogs and Cats as a Veterinarian for over 35 years, and I am convinced that those animals fed a Raw Diet are generally healthier. Clean teeth, fresh breath, shiny coat, small stools, and Animals that enjoy their food. I have also seen many Animals with chronic health issues whose condition improves dramatically once they are fed a balanced Raw Diet. I highly recommend feeding your Dog or Cat a more natural Raw Food Diet.”

Allan Rapley BVSc MRCVS

The Benefits of Our Food

Cleaner Teeth and Fresh Breath

Better Weight Control

Improved Digestion

Shinier, Healthier Skin and COat

Reduction of Allergy Symptoms

Harder, Smaller, Less Smelly Stools

Increased Mobility in older Animals

More Energy and Stamina

Strengthened Immune System

Improved Liver, Pancreatic and Bowel Health

Better Temperament

Strong Bones

Stronger Nails

Cleaner Ears

No Bulking Agents, Sugars or Additives

Stronger Muscles, Joints and Ligaments

Wider Variety of Nutrients

Did you know this about Your Cat?

Cats are Obligate Carnivores. They can’t survive on Veggies or Fruit. In the wild, Cats eat Prey, Voles Birds, Mice and Insects. In a more Domestic Environment this needs to be replicated with Raw Meat and Raw Bone.

If you feed a Cat high Carbohydrate Diet that consists of kibble, Cats may become addicted to the Blood Glucose high that the Food provides.

Cats are normally quite hungry most of the time and will keep asking for more and more food. Most processed Cat food is heavily flavoured with palatability enhancers. Some Vets feel that kibble is the cause of dehydration in Cats. A Cat’s Diet should largely consists of Raw Near and Bone. Cats need Raw Bones as it’s important that they chew. Cat’s favourites are Chicken Necks, Drumsticks and Wings.

Offal Meat is great, but shouldn’t account for more then 5% to 10% of their diet. If you are feeding your Cat Fish on a regular basis recommended  adding Fish Oil  500mg every day. If your Cat is allergic to Fish Oil then Coconut Oil or Coconut milk are both a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acid. A Healthy Adult Cat should have between 3 – 5 % of its’ Body Weight.

Below, is one of our many reviews!

“My older Dog was hardly eating before we switched to TYSONS RAW… Now he just can’t get enough! He has more energy, looks forwards to meal times, and his sensitive belly is no longer an issue! I couldn’t be more pleased!

M.E, London