Benefits of raw dog food

There is a constant debate between cooked v raw dog food to keep your canine friend healthy. However, you also need to be certain you’re keeping your beloved pet or working dog happy and enjoying their meals – getting good mental stimulation from the excitement of consuming their food.

Let’s ask a Vet’s advice on dogs having food made from natural, raw ingredients:

“I have been treating dogs and cats as a veterinarian for over 35 years. I am convinced that those animals fed a raw diet are generally healthier. Clean teeth, fresh breath, shiny coat, small stools, and animals that enjoy their food. I have also seen many animals with chronic health issues whose condition improves dramatically once they are fed a balanced raw diet. I highly recommend feeding your dog or cat a more natural raw food diet.” Allan Rapley BVSc MRCVS.

Here’s a quick guide to raw dog food advantages – when you use quality products packed with a wide range of nutrients for animals:

· Stronger bones and teeth
· Strengthened immune system
· Improved digestion
· Improved liver, pancreatic and bowel health
· Shinier, healthier skin and coat
· Better weight control
· Reduction of allergy symptoms
· Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
· Better temperament
· Heathier stools.

Do you know how to increase mobility in older dogs, and ensure your canine friend or working dog enjoys abundant energy and stamina?

The answer is not processed, mass-produced pet food with unnecessary ingredients! A raw pet food diet can keep your animal agile and active thanks to the rich variety of essential nutrients it contains.

What are the disadvantages of a raw food diet for dogs? Studies on the pros and cons of natural v processed dog food focus on the risk of introducing micro-organisms to your dog’s stomach if you use contaminated raw ingredients.

When feeding dogs raw food, QUALITY and care are vital, something not always easy to achieve when you formulate your pet’s diet using raw meat and other ingredients you buy yourself.

That – OF COURSE – is something you can avoid by buying expertly formulated, nutritious and high-grade dog food from Tysons Raw.

Everything that leaves our commercial kitchens is prepared and packaged in highly sterile conditions. All ingredients are sourced and tested to be nutrient-rich and fresh food that’s good for dogs.

Just to be certain, Microsearch Laboratories do Microbiological testing (for salmonella and Enterobacteriaceae) every month. You can request these reports to qualify our position as a leading supplier of quality raw food for dogs and cats.