Best diet for cats

Tysons Raw has carefully researched the most nutritional diet for cats too, including how to feed felines in the way nature intended.

Out in the wild, cats capture and consume small creatures – it’s an instinct to eat raw meat. So why feed them with overprocessed cat food full of fillers, and carbs that can create blood glucose highs?

Instead, they can get concentrated and well-targeted nutrition from our home-delivered cat food formulated from moist, nutrient-rich meat and bone!

Also, you can avoid cat treats and foods that lead to dehydration or digestive issues, and opt for the most popular cat snacks – chicken necks, drumsticks and wings!

We also make sure our healthy cat food products include just the right amount of offal meat, and sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids for pets. Including coconut oil and milk for cats allergic to fish oil.

Our accessories for dogs and cats

We are constantly adding to our online shop selling dog and cat accessories and treats. The common theme is – like our pet food – all products need to be of reliable quality and offer our customers good value for money.

That includes everything from comfortable collars and reliable leads for dogs, to online pet cleaning and grooming products.

Why get pet food and accessories delivered to your home?

You may find it hard to find a reliable solution if you search for a ‘raw dog food supplier near me”. Fortunately, we offer cat and dog food home delivery for the whole UK, at a highly affordable price.

Buying quality products for dogs and cats online is a convenient way to maintain your stocks of nutritionally-sound pet food. You can also use our products for dogs website to browse the sort of accessories that are a best buy for dog owners.

Our delivery service is swift and reliable, so with our help, you will never run out of dog essentials.