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Are you Defra Registered?

Yes we are.

Where do you Source your Ingredients from?

All of our Meat is Farmed in Britain British Farms.

How long is the Food in Date for?

All of our Food is in Date for 12 Months from the batch Date.

All of our Chubs are individually Packaged with a detailed stickered label which states their best Before Date.

What’s your Minimum and Maximum Order Quantity?

We have no Minimum or Maximum Order Quantity. We accept all Orders, from one Single Chub to Hundreds upon Hundreds of Chubs!

How quickly can I receive my Order?

We have many different Delivery Options available for you to choose from. You can select the one that best suits you in Basket or at Checkout.

How will My Order be Packaged and Shipped?

Your Order is Packaged by our Team and your Order is Shipped by our own Delivery Drivers.

Does TYSONS RAW FOOD contain Wheat, Grain or Gluten?

Our Food does not include Wheat, Grain or Gluten.

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We guarantee that you will have a response from our Team within 24 hours.

For all and any of your questions or queries, please email us at or alternatively, please Contact Us below.