Food for dogs and cats, delivered to your door

Using our cat and dog food delivery service can save time and money. More importantly, you will know you’re buying nutritious, high-quality pet food containing only ingredients of direct dietary benefit.

That’s because Tysons Raw has invested heavily in formulating and preparing the ideal raw food diet for dogs and cats. Using quality-controlled ingredients that enhance your pet’s energy levels, muscle, joint and bone health, coat and immune system, for example.

All our premium quality raw dog food – and online cat food – is entirely made of natural ingredients, prepared with care and expertise.

That is why we are a DEFRA-registered dog and cat food supplier!

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs has strict guidelines for its pet food accreditation, to give owners absolute peace of mind that they are buying food for animals sourced, processed and packaged within a safe and hygienic environment.

That means you are buying a nutrition-packed diet for dogs and cats, which includes raw ingredients that are traceable and controlled “from farm to bowl”.

Our health-conscious pet foods are batch frozen immediately after they are carefully formulated in our commercial kitchens, ready for reliable home delivery in peak condition.

Including healthy treats for dogs and cats for home delivery.

Please browse our online range of well-designed accessories for pets too.