Why to order cat and dog food online from Tysons Raw

Let’s just ‘wrap up’ and deliver MORE of the top reasons to buy raw dog and cat food online, from our carefully controlled commercial kitchens.

You get:

· Honest Ingredients
· Human Grade Food
· Choice of flavours
· No bulking agents, sugars or additives.

Overprocessing human food strips out key nutrients and can make your meal bland. It can also be bulked out by unnecessary and unwanted ingredients. The same applies to the best way to feed a dog or cat.

Relying on mass-produced wet and dry pet food doesn’t always deliver the well round nutrition your pet needs to maintain its health. You would be amazed at what is legal in the cat and dog food manufacturing industry!

The alternative is to go back to basics and feed your beloved four-legged friend or working dog with a diet that is natural and ideally geared to their digestive systems. Consisting of raw ingredients their stomachs have evolved to absorb – with nothing that has been tinkered with or overheated.

All our high-quality and healthy raw dog food and online cat food products arrive individually packaged., This makes it easy to keep them fresh when stored at home.